New Paper Hummingbirds by Cheong-ah Hwang

Korean paper artist Cheong-ah Hwang who is currently based in Columbus, Ohio creates delicate paper sculptures that blur the line between 2D and 3D art using dimensional illusion. The paper is cut and layered to give the final object depth and form, but remains essentially a flat piece. You can see more of her new work including […]


Baroque B feature

Award-winning Brody House

Brody House, our favourite creative hub in Budapest, has just received the prestigious Best Budget Boutique Hotel award in the world! See their video here, and spot our Grandfather Clocks in their salon! Competition: How many can you find? Can you name them? The first ten answers win a yearly subscription to our newsletters.:-)

luigi semeraro: empty spray paint cans armchair

originating from an explicit manifestation, ’empty spray paint cans armchair’ by italian designer luigi semeraro blends creative writing with the contemporary art scene. focusing on the proper instruments used by street artists, the up-cycled chair and pouf utilize left over spray cans which remain non-recyclable. characterized by creativity and detailed planning, the contemporary object is […]



currency rings by sophie kemp

following in our tradition of publishing money-based art, we bring you ‘currency rings’ by bath student sophie kemp.currencies from around the world are instantly transformed into wearable pieces of art through a series of simple origami folds. altering both the perception and value of the dollar bill, the design aims to inject interest and experience […]

yu jordy fu: cloud walk paper chandelier

designer yu jordy fu developed ‘cloud walk’, a nine meter long horizontal white chandelier made from recycled paper for 100% design london. paper-cutting is a unique art form which chinese women used as a graceful and intricate media to record their lives and adorn their homes. yu jordy fu has used the ancient technique as […]


Disguise Your iPad as a Book With This Clever and Ironic Cover

Disguising your iPad as an old fashioned book may strike you as a bit ironic, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. BOOK by Nedrelow is a handmade cover that makes an iPad look pretty much exactly like a book. The cover will not only thwart would-be thieves, but will also protect […]

Gypsy Modular: Customizable, Flat Pack Furniture That Uses No Screws or Tools

Gypsy Modular is a new line of furniture made from modular components so it can be configured and then reconfigured based on your needs. Connectors built directly into the parts hold together with friction and pressure, so there is no need for tools or hardware. The components are made from MDF (while we usually shun […]

Designtree’s Recycled Ledge Lamp

Just in time for the Milan Furniture Fair, Designtree‘s Tim Wigmore has unveiled a multifunctional lamp constructed from recycled shot-blasted aluminum and vibrant plastic panel scraps. Dubbed the Ledge, this clever piece is a calculated collection of colors and angles that sheds light on the importance of reducing our waste and repurposing materials. Measuring 464 […]

cardboard cafe by Richard Johnson Design

The cardboard cafe is an outdoor installation for the Seventh Generation. It is made of entirely of corrugated cardboard, and at the end of it’s life will be recycled into new Seventh Generation product packaging. The cardboard cafe was built with a combination of digital and manual fabrication techniques. Many of the tools and fastening […]

Brilliant Recycled Cardboard Plamp! Lamp is its Own Packaging

Photos: ©Paloma Agliati Chilean designer Paloma Agliati‘s Plamp! lamp is a blooming pendant light made entirely of recycled, recyclable, and biodegradable cardboard. Inspired by the need to reduce packaging, Agliati designed a beautiful lamp that needs no packaging at all – the product is the packaging. Agliati’s clever Plamp! lamp keeps material use to a […]